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Swine Flu Informer delivers real-time information, tips, and advices on swine flu. Protect your family against possible threats of swine flu epidemic by gaining real-time access to related news! Let your entire family remain healthy by getting the latest tips and advices on how to prevent being infected with the swine flu virus, read medical advices on what to do if you discover swine flu symptoms, get information on where to obtain a vaccine shot, and chat with similar-minded people from all over the world!
The pandemia of swine flu is reportedly over. This does not stop people from all over the world dying of symptoms that look unsurprisingly familiar. Thousands of people all over the world are infected with H1N1 without even knowing. Doctors say that tenfold as many people may be carrying the swine flu virus in its latent form, without showing apparent symptoms although ready to spread.
Mass-media does not and will not provide up-to-date coverage on the unfolding swine flu epidemic in order to avoid mass panic. However, you have the right to be informed.
Swine Flu Informer connects people all over the world concerned with swine flu virus. Offering a number of carefully selected sources of information, Swine Flu Informer offers a place to discuss the disease. Implementing a convenient chat room, Swine Flu Informer allows anyone with the product installed to engage into a conversation with similar-minded people.
Swine Flu Informer is absolutely free, and takes just a few clicks to download and install. Building into your Web browser, Swine Flu Informer is always visible and ready to deliver breaking news on the hot subject.

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